Hair Extensions

We use Racoon International for all our hair extension work. They provide 100% ethically sourced hair extensions for anyone who wants an instant, glamorous, A-list look.

We will go through a full consultation with you to discuss the look you would like to achieve with hair extensions.  Whilst we do charge a one-off fee of £15 for this consultation, it is completely refundable against the cost of your extensions.

We will provide an accurate quote at your consultation.

We do ask for a non-refundable deposit for appointments for extensions and we do ask for 24 hours’ notice of any cancellation.

Monthly maintenance of your hair extensions is necessary to keep them in good condition:

One hour appointment for maintenance £50 or quoted price.

We recommend coming back to us to remove your extensions to prevent any problems.

One hour appointment for removal of extensions £30 or quoted price.